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What is TCO

Many customers look at the face value of Mac when deciding on a new computer. However, Mac offers customers savings in the long term, making it more affordable for continued years of use.

TCO or Total Cost of Ownership is one of the most significant metrics in measuring expenses IT department incurs over the several years.

A cost advantage for Mac
deployments. Let's calculate

Source: A commissioned Forrester Consulting study based on data from 10 organizations
that currently deploy Macs and have increased their Mac deployment annually

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Operation System

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No need licenses
No need for some additional endpoint security licenses
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5 minutes
5 minutes to set up Mac (as opposed to 60 minutes for a PC)
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Less IT support tickets
Best-in-class hardware and software ensure that employees have less need to call IT for support
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No need purchase
No need to purchase OS
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Macs receive operating system updates annually

Extended warranty

Apple devices have 1 year of warranty but you can extend up to 3-5 years with Noventiq service

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